09 December 2012

Flashback: 1989 (part 4)

Here is the transcript of my log for DAY FOUR of my sleep deprivation experiment from 1989:
  • 8:50AM - Writer's Craft –not too tired
  • 10:20AM - D.A. [Dramatic Arts] –felt okay. relaxed (at peace kind of)
  • 11:30AM - Lunch –felt kinda tired
  • 12:45PM - Science –pretty really tired -last twenty minutes NEARLY FELL ASLEEP. couldn't keep my eyes open at all
  • 2:00PM - spare –went to DA office, watched Radar, Neal, Alex, Ian play video games –nearly fell asleep; went and got a root beer only thing available for caffeine)
  • 4:00PM - find Attila and Chris Patheiger and join them
  • 5:30PM - leave school and go to McDonald's with Frank and Jeff and Atti
  • 6:15PM - left McD's - went to Atti's and checked up on Alex (on phone)
  • 6:30PM - went to school to see Christmas Concert; had a coffee; went to donut shop with Frank, Atti, their father, and Jeff; had snacks and a glass of Coke
  • 10:30PM - Atti and I go to my house, start watching cassette five of ROBOTECH; had coffees + Coke + tea
  • 10:55PM - Alex showed up - still watching Robotech
  • 11:30PM - Kirk [Aitken] showed up
  • around 11:55PM - Chris Patheiger showed up; Robotech ended, put in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen; had coffee
  • around 1:30AM - played Rock Trivia -game of stupidity + impossible questions. had fun
  • 3:30AM - watched The Last Temptation of Christ
  • about 8 something AM - film ended, got ready to leave, guys left (Kirk left earlier around 7:30); took a shower, had tea


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