07 December 2012

Flashback: 1989 (part 2)

Here is the transcript of my log for DAY TWO of my sleep deprivation experiment from 1989:
  • 8:15AM - arrive at school; had breakfast
  • 8:35AM - aim sucks –threw cellophane and missed garbage can; threw pen and missed garbage can
  • 8:50AM - had snacks and sat around table at school and talked to friends for period one
  • 9:45AM - gathered ten sponsors for this thing
  • 10:00AM - home form –decorated the door with Jennifer Black and the rest of the class –kept me awake
  • 11:00AM - Writer's Craft –sat around
  • 11:20 - lunch; got more sponsors
  • 12:30PM - Science –watched films; not tired still
  • 12:45PM - headache - sharp, but very short
  • 1:05PM - getting sleepy watching film –lying head on arm– sitting up keeps me awake; dark is too heinous –makes me sleepy– bright light is better
  • 1:20PM - creative writing (while film is still running)
  • 1:30PM - saw a cheesy film in the auditorium
  • 2:30PM - Dramatic Arts –did work on skits - directed Ian Anderson + Ros Sinclair
  • 3:15PM - left school, took bus to Morningside Mall to "assist" Mark Joyce in buying shoes (which he didn't buy)
  • 5:00PM - went to Alex's (via Radar's car) + hung about
  • 5:45PM - left Alex's - walked to Tom McAlister's + hung about
  • 6:30PM - got a ride from Tom to my house
  • 6:45PM - talked to Attila Baraczka on the phone
  • 6:50PM - had dinner
  • 7:45PM - worked on ARCTIC AVENGER for Writer's Craft
  • 9:30PM - watched Beauty and the Beast –riveting
  • 10:00PM - first cup of coffee; still watching Vincent search for Catherine
  • 10:45PM - Alex and Attila arrive - we finish watching Vincent look for Catherine -he found her -she dies
  • 11:00PM flipped around the stations
  • 11:45PM - Ian Anderson showed up
  • 11:55PM - made tea for me and Alex
  • 12:00AM - watched tons of Muchmusic and videos that I had on tape
  • 2:35AM - had snacks
  • 4:00AM - recorded "Imperial March" for Slave Day [Alex, Ian, and I were taking part in our school's "slave auction" as a trio and wanted to come on stage to some awesome music, then we just stood there, silly and dramatic, not answering any questions posed of us by the auctioneer]
  • 4:25AM - made more tea for me and Alex; Ian still asleep
  • around 7:AM - watched Hilarious House of Frightenstein; just finished watching Hercules; had breakfast


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