06 December 2012

Flashback: 1989 (part 1)

11 December 1989: my friend Alex Pearson and I were thinking of ways to participate in the week of "Christmas Cheer" that our high school was having to raise money for a charity (I don't remember which) like they do every year.

We were at Little Caesar's at Lawrence and Kingston in Scarborough and brainstormed a few ideas. The best we came up with was to get people to sponsor us for every hour that we stayed awake. "Let's make it a hundred hours; since we both got up around 8am this morning, that would take us to noon, Friday."

So it began.

I decided to keep a log of my activity (for science!*) and it's a pretty entertaining read almost exactly 23 years later. Please bear in mind I was just 18 years old and this was the last week of school before the Christmas break (hence all the skipped classes and the lame activities during the classes I did attend).
I was alone that first night, but my amazing friends kept me company for the rest of the experiment; they made it much easier.

Here, now (as a Bonus Feature of my painting marathon), is DAY ONE:

  • Wake up at 8:AM (BEGIN)
  • 10:20am - went to Art class, sat about for most of it
  • 11:30am - went to English class, participated in group work
  • about 12:50pm - jello-eating contest in the café –done deliberately slowly
  • about 1:05pm (with Jeff Jones) - had lunch
  • 1:30pm - hung about in the café with friends till about 5:30pm
  • about 5:45pm - went to Alex Pearson's house
  • about 6:30pm - had dinner [this would have been at Little Caesar's]
  • 8:PM - got home; kicked around house; wrote journal for sleep deprivation experiment -(this)
  • 10:PM - glass of fruit punch while listening to stereo
  • 10:10PM - watched cheesy made-for-TV movie - rested eyes during commercials (still awake)
  • 10:30PM - had snacks
  • 11:00PM - watched Prisoners of Gravity [while] lying down in front of TV
  • 11:25PM - walked around house [inside]
  • 11:30PM - watched Buckaroo Banzai while walking around (and lying down)
  • 12:30AM - started fire in fireplace; watch David Letterman (repeat); rested eyes during commercials
  • 1:30AM - continued watching Buckaroo Banzai while walking around room (and sitting down) - moving about, at any rate
  • 2:25AM - air drummed/guitarred to songs on headphones (sitting)
  • 3:30AM - read 1 chapter of The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted (lying down)
  • 3:45AM - rested eyes for count of fifty
  • 3:50AM - watched TV (moving around) –Night Moves (bakeout TV); rested eyes during commercials
  • 5:00AM - watched "Benson" - rested eyes as usual; had snack
  • 5:15AM - bleeding nose (cause: unknown)
  • 5:20AM - nose stopped bleeding
  • 5:30AM - watched some dumb show on business taxes, etc.
  • 6:00AM - watched Hercules [animated] – oh, that Hercules
  • 7:00AM - watched House of Frightenstein –yah, weird, eh?
  • 7:30AM - took a shower


*Actually for science, in fact: I later wrote a report of this for my Grade 12 Bio class.

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  1. Awesome! I remember House of Frightenstein very fondly. :-)



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