08 December 2012

Flashback: 1989 (part 3)

Here is the transcript of my log for DAY THREE of my sleep deprivation experiment from 1989:
  • 8:00AM - left my house with Alex and Ian; walked to school
  • 8:35AM - showed up at school; had snack; raised over $300! total
  • 10:20AM - home form –HALFWAY THERE.
  • 10:30AM - Art -sat around, flipped through a magazine, walked about
  • 11:30AM - slave auction –I was a slave on the block with Alex and Ian
  • 1:00PM - slave auction II –formed a conglomerate - bid on Juli + Denise (no luck); purchased Lisa Graves
  • 2:20PM - had lunch
  • 3:10PM - J.P. Jones took log book [Jeff started logging from 1:00PM Day 3 until 8:20AM]
  • 5:00PM - rented, from Video Haven, the 1st 5 tapes of Robotech (to be watched that evening)
  • 7:00PM - had dinner
  • 6:30PM - worked till finish on Arctic Avenger
  • 10:00PM - went to Hasty Market for energy food (Coke + chips, etc.)
  • 11:00PM - began Robotech
  • 12:30–2:00AM - watched Letterman + Costas; felt really energized
  • 3:35–4:10AM - laughing fit over deflector shields; not tired at all
  • 2:00–6:30 - ROBOTECH
  • 6:30AM - Hercules (interesting head maneuver on the part of Hercules); got tired but Jeff kept me awake
  • 8:20AM - got a drive to school


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